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Bespoke, creative and authentic stand-out films tailored

for YOUR audience

Image Film Production

Script Writing & Translation

Production Consultancy

  • Image Films, Trailers, Promos, Live-Streams, Presentations and Adverts

  • Concepts, Camerawork, Editing, Post-Production

  • Translations German –> English / English –> German

  • Imagefilm and Commercial Scripts

  • Presentations and corporate texts in English and German

  • Production Consultancy for the International Market

  • Fixing Services for film-shoots in the UK, Germany and Austria


A small selection of our work. Click and View.

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About Us

A flashbang - that's what old-fashioned cameraflashes were called, when they were set off with a loud crack and a blinding flash.

Try googling it today, and you'll be told it refers to a stun grenade - for uncompromising surprise-deployments of dazzling proportions.


Flash Bang Films is a multi-award winning independent film and media production company based in Germany and the UK. We specialize in making informative, entertaining, bespoke, very unique, visually captivating and entertaining films.


We believe in making great corporate or image film that stands out for quality. Corporate image films should not be films that its target audience should have to sit through and endure.


Our diverse and versatile experience spans 20 years of broadcast, corporate and advertising projects from documentary films and docu-dramas for international broadcasters like ARTE, ZDF, BBC (Primetime ad Worldwide), National Geographic and the Discovery Channel, to corporate and advertising films for clients including Carlsberg, Peugeot, L’Oréal Garnier, SAP, Manchester United, Cineworld Cinemas, SAP,  and many many more.

Our unusual combination of experience places us in an enviable position: we bring to the table the technical and aesthetic know-how of highest-quality blue-chip broadcast films, as well as the very particular understanding of the aims and purposes of corporate films. We carefully listen to our clients’ needs and targets before translating them into high-quality visual media, tailor-made to the clients’ specifications while being delivered on time and on budget. It requires inventiveness, technical prowess and good organisation – assets strongly reflected in our track record.

We can help you achieve more with your films.


Contact Us

Flash Bang Films

Am Blumenstrich 27


69151 Neckargemünd

Tel: 01523 436 1494

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